About Us

Corrina's Corner and Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co have partnered to form The Rabbit Tap.

Corrina's Corner is a local premium pet food company in Norcross, GA that specializes in raw frozen food. Corrina's Corner believes in minimal processing of food and treats for cats and dogs. Corrina's Corner has delivered high quality fresh raw ingredients in their food and treats to pets in the metro Atlanta area and beyond for 10+ years.

Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co. is a family owned and operated farm and business. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality rabbit meat on the market. All of our rabbits are raised using humane and all natural methods. Our meat is process, prepared, and packaged right on the farm. All of our procedures and facilities at Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co. have been FDA approved, and inspected by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

(No affiliation with similarly named Blue Ridge Beef)