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The Rabbit Tap

Rabbit Grind Box 35lb - 5lb Bags

Rabbit Grind Box 35lb - 5lb Bags

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Raw Pet Food

Minimally processed rabbit protein for dogs and cats from Blue Ridge Rabbit in Welford, South Carolina. Rabbit grind is recommended for medium and large canines. It's an excellent choice for dogs who have allergies or are overweight.

Secret Superfood Protein

Rabbit meat is lean. It has more protein than most meats, with virtually zero saturated fat. Rabbit is also low in cholesterol which makes it a heart healthy meal option, and it's hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of disease.

Species Appropriate Diet

Your pet's anatomy is designed to consume and digest raw meat, bone and organ. This way of feeding is known as a species appropriate diet. Our rabbit grinds are formulated using the prey model raw (PMR) method, containing whole rabbit to ensure your pet receives balanced nutrition including calcium and phosphorus from bone.

Nutritional Benefits

Heart healthy
Lean Protein

Guaranteed Analysis

Min. Crude Protein 17%, Min. Crude Fat 6%, Max Crude Fiber 2%, Max Moisture 74%

Ingredients & Weight

Ground rabbit (with bone), rabbit liver, rabbit kidney, rabbit heart.

Net wt. (7) 5lb bags

Storage & Feeding

Store in freezer. Defrost on the counter for 4-6 hrs, or 24 hrs in the refrigerator. Serve raw. Feed 2.5% of pet's body weight per day, adjusting for your pet's needs. Thoroughly wash hands and surfaces after feeding. Store any remainder in fridge and serve for 3-4 days.

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